FLAJ is a new generation Portuguese company, founded in 1994 - with a technologically sophisticated industrial unit, set in 2.000 m2, which has a production capacity of 1.500 pairs of shoes per day.

Although being an industry, the traditional methods of production, which are characteristic of the region, are part of the company's philosophy.

Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy is based on the following principles:
Focus on meeting customer needs and expectations.
Ensuring the protection of the environment, adopting the principle of pollution prevention, seeking to implement practices that allow controlling adverse environmental impacts, in particular:
The minimization of waste production and its proper disposal;
The continuous effort to minimize the consumption of solvents;
Proper storage and handling of products that are potentially dangerous for the environment.
Comply with regulations and legislation applicable to the environment, as well as compliance with the requirements of the standard applicable to our Environmental Management System.
Improve the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System with reference to the NP EN ISO 14001 standard.
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